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상품명 드라코 06 카본
규   격 C-C 40/42/44cm
제조사 ITM
제품가격 274,000원

Full carbon light HM handlebar, with external 3k woven finish. Perfect distributed rigidity, with maximum shock absorption. Manufactured with the special EPS technology to guarantee the perfect distribution of the resin and carbon fibers, so to be control the walls thickness and let also into the inside parts of the handlebar. With this technology with a same weight, we obtain a major more rigidity of at least 25%.

The special EPS technology used for these items permits, even in a structure with differentiated thickness, to obtain a homogeneous distribution of resin and fibre layers thus providing a safe, constant and controlled distribution of stress point concentrations.

ITM 정렬방식
파톰 카본 무광 블랙
제품가 : 315,000원
A-드라코 카본 무광 블랙
제품가 : 288,000원
제품가 : 300,000원
A-드라코 카본
제품가 : 288,000원
드라코 06 카본
제품가 : 274,000원
드라코 05 카본
제품가 : 274,000원
R 트라이앵고 윙
제품가 : 96,000원
R 트라이앵고
제품가 : 88,000원
에리디(ERIDY) MTB 풀카본
제품가 : 138,000원
알코르 (ALCOR) flatbar
제품가 : 42,000원